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Stormlight 3: Oathbringer Predictions

So this is supposed to be a blog about writing, but it's also my blog so that means I can write and post whatever I want ^-^

I wanted to wait until the book was almost through at least the first draft, but not finished, so that I would have the best chance of saying I was right without being accused of knowing ahead of time. Assuming, of course, I'm right. Brandon Sanderson has this fabulous ability to throw me for a loop as his books rarely go in a direction I can wholly predict. Still, it's fun trying.

Now, without further adieu, my predictions:

Major Character Plot Points:

Dalinar: We'll learn about Dalinar's Boon and Curse from the Nightwatcher (that's not a prediction, that's just a fact. The flashbacks are, after all, in his POV) but my prediction is that his Boon was to forget his wife and his Curse was to forget that he asked to forget his wife. I don't think he'll regain any memories of his wife, but he'll probably learn more about who she was. His Curse and Boon will be revealed and could cause a rift between him and his sons, particularly Adolin. Should the war plateau, we may even get a wedding between Dalinar and Navani as I don't see him putting his personal happiness above the progress of the war and the fate of the world.

Adolin: Guilt, anger, and jealousy of the Knights Radiant (which include his father, his brother, his betrothed, and his potential best friend/established frenemy, but not him) will build in Adolin causing him to become a Dark Radiant (or whatever a Voidbinder is called). There will also be a fight between Adolin and Kaladin with Kaladin the debatable victor and Adolin fleeing Urithiru. He'll also undoubtedly be caught and charged for Sadeas's murder.

Kaladin: His mother is dead from grief and his father has become a hollow shell of himself. He'll denounce Kaladin as his son stating that both his boys died in war and that he would never have a son that was so obviously a killer. Or something to that effect. Kaladin will also meet Laral who has long married City Lord Roshone and has a child. She'll be angry that Kaladin returned as a Radiant and Light Eyes too late to save her. He and Shallan will grow closer as friends which will drive a wedge in his budding friendship with Adolin.

Shallan: She will find herself in a fully realized--but hopefully short-lived--love triangle between Adolin and Kaladin, unable to resolve her feelings for both. However, things will become complicated when she finds herself becoming more deeply entrenched with the Ghostbloods where she will learn that Kaladin, not Amaram, killed her oldest brother. This will rock her relationship with him and the rift will grow further when she realizes she's more angry with him for not telling her the truth himself than she is for the death of her brother. Her relationship with Adolin will also turn rocky due to Adolin's jealousy and protectiveness as he tries to keep constant tabs on her and make sure she stays out of danger. While I hope the book ends with a solid Kaladin/Shallan (KalLan) relationship, I'm more certain it will end with her independent and leaning more towards the Jasnah "I-don't-neeed-a-man-to-be-awesome" camp.

Renarin: Pure awesome coming-into-himself-ness. It will be epic.

Szeth: He'll rain down heaps of Justice on the Shin who unjustly named him Truthless. He'll also likely have not-so-nice things to say to Taravangian and another clash between Szeth and Kaladin is almost inevitable, if only in regards to their shared positions as Radiants. That will be interesting to say the least.

Minor Plot Points That Are Still Important:

1) The Knights Radiant are fully refounded but many of the Surgebinders will resist being inducted. Particularly Lift who manages to be perfectly Awesome on her own.

2) The Diagram will experience a hitch in regards to the death of Szeth, King Taravangian will have another Highest Intelligence day.

3) Elhokar will become a Lightweaver

Things I Would Like To See Happen, But Probably Won't:

1) KalLan, as stated above.

2) A potential, or fully realized, relationship between Jasnah and Wit. At least some wry flirtations as they both have the potential to be flippant, witty, and coy flirts even if they don't mean anything by it.

3) World Travelers, such as Galladon, becoming more involved in the plot and potentially revealing themselves.

4) More information on the worlds the Travelers left behind i.e. Where is Vivenna? Did something happen to Raoden and Sarene? What time-period does this coincide with on the other planets?

5) Vivenna!!! (Don't sink my improbable ships!!!)

So there it is, my predictions for Stormlight Archive 3. Whether all, none, or some of it actually happens, the book is bound to be awesome and I absolutely can't wait to read it.

Happy Writing (or Reading ;)!



  1. I like your take on the love triangle, but Sanderson has surprised us before with unexpected resolutions to love triangles. Perhaps you saw the Steris-Wax-Marisi triangle working out the way it did, but I sure didn't!

    1. The first book threw me off because it was one of the first Sanderson books I ever read after Elantris, Warbreaker, and Mistborn, and all three of those (six, technically) ended pretty much the way I expected romance-wise. Because of that, I expected Wax to end up with Marisi in Alloy of Law, but when she didn't and Wax agreed to continue his arrangement with Steris, I knew he would not only stay with her - being a man of his word - but that he would eventually come to care for her, if not love her, because Brandon Sanderson doesn't seem to be the kind of person to allow two good people to spend the rest of their lives miserable. That being said, I still squealed like a little girl when *SPOILER-WAXPROPOSED-SPOILER* :)


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