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First Fiction Interview

Nine-year-old Jonah is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime: crossing the main street to the corner store all by himself.

The Most Wonderful Sound Publication

Seven years ago, Alexa came back from the dead with a friend, and he's been by her ever since.

Coconut Dream Publication

On the way to class, a college student dreams of a simpler life.

The World Over Publication

Searching for her husband, River is drawn in by Mycroft, New Texas's shadow leader, who promises her answers in exchange for favors. Because even with humanity dangling by a thread, people still like to have power. And they still like to abuse it.

Hand in Hand Publication

Sequel to "The Most Wonderful Sound"
After three weeks at her new job, Alexa grudgingly admits she may have made a mistake. Emrys does the best an invisible friend can to make things better.


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