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The Fourth Plane


A largely water world, Kosmos has five moons, which have a dramatic and dangerous effect on tides, currents, and weather in general. It has a generally world-consistent climate which ranges between 45-68 degrees Fahrenheit except for the poles, which are considerably cooler, and the equator which is about ten-fifteen degrees warmer. There is only one continent but billions of small islands, most of which are isolated and self-governed. The days are 32 hours long with 328.5 days in a year, making making a year in Kosmos equal to 1.2 Earth years.

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Maps, City Descriptions, and other important Land Marks on Kosmos.


Languages commonly spoken in Kosmos including Atlantian, Drakonic, Va'thanese, and Tuathan.



Festivals, Religion, Architecture, Fashion, Government Structure, and other aspects of day-to-day life.

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