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Rift Chronicles


Connected by SpaceTime gates, all Seven known planes are synchronized to Earth Time with twelve month years and 24-hour days. However, according to historical archives, this was not always the case. In fact, research indicates that many of the Planes not only had variant Times, but many of them were known to have much longer days and years than Earth. Kosmos in particular is well-known to have experienced 32-hour days before the Synchronization. Other Planes with significant Time differences include Sekkai and Gaia, with Sekkai's days being shorter but their year longer and Gaia experiencing half-year long day/night cycles. The mechanics of the Synchronization and its effects on SpaceTime is an ongoing study with very few definitive answers.

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Known Planes

The First Plane

The most technologically advanced Plane. Following an eight-year apocalypse, the remaining human population was 'modified' using a DNA-coding serum known as anaphedarin. Following the mass modification, Earth underwent a heavy restructuring period before settling into its current state of politics, culture, and society. Earth is connected to Sekkai, Gaia, Avani, and Onatah by Warp Gates in space as well as the terrestrial Gate chain. Earth has one natural satellite.

The Second Plane

The least Earth-like Plane due to being almost completely tidally locked (the rotation is so slow, it takes centuries for the sun to set). Days on Gaia are measured by the moon cycles and most people lived in the Twilight Zones until the Gates appeared. It is speculated among scholars that the Synchronization compressed Gaia's TimeSpace to attain the 24-hour day cycle but that the celestial circumstances of Gaia's placement and cycle remain the same. No proof exists that can either confirm nor deny the validity of this theory. Gaia has three natural satellites.

The Third Plane

A largely water world, Kosmos has five moons, which have a dramatic and dangerous effect on tides, currents, and weather in general. It has a generally world-consistent climate which ranges between 45-68 degrees Fahrenheit except for the poles, which are considerably cooler, and the equator which is about 10-15 degrees warmer. There is only one continent but millions of small islands, most of which are isolated and self-governed. The days are 32 hours long with ten 32-day months and two "median" weeks (5 days), equalling 330 days a year, making a year in Kosmos equal to 1.123 Earth years.

The Fourth Plane

A super-earth which is 72% land. It is the only Plane that was united under a single government before the Synchronization. After Earth, their technology is the most advanced; comparable to the technology of pre-Wave Earth. Sekkai has no natural satellites but its dark nights are currently supplemented by a moon-sized space station known as the Orbiter.


The Sixth Plane

A dimensional clone of Earth. Drawn into the Synchronization in 1862, it presents an intense alternate history to the 'Original' Earth, with much of the worldwide culture embracing the steampunk aesthetic. As with Earth, Terra has one natural satellite.

The Fifth Plane

Similar in size to Earth, Avani is mostly land due to being on the inner-most edge of its sun's habitable zone. The equator is extremely hot save for one mountainous region known to Outworlders as 'Eden'. Avani has two natural satellites.

The Seventh Plane

Onatah is the most Earth-like in both SpaceTime and terrestrial composition. The largest difference is the existence of subspecies of large beasts of burden, typically over-sized mammals and largely carnivorous, that are found in a remote corner of the world's only super-continent. However, unlike their smaller cousins, these beasts lack the usual temperament associated with their territorial or aggressive Earthen counterparts. Onatah has one natural satellite.ur Product Description. Use this space to describe this product in more detail.

The Eigth Plane

A dimensional clone of Earth. Before the fall of Rome, Drakar from Kosmos created a rift between Earth and Kosmos to escape from The High Empire's Drakar Purge. All the Drakar who transitioned over lost the ability to shape-shift to and from their dragon forms, meaning all who arrived as dragons remained as dragons while all who arrived as humanoids remained humanoid. The Drakar joined forces with the Norse Vikings to become dragon riders and, ultimately, spread their dragon and fulcrumy-based culture worldwide. As with Earth, Midgard has one natural satellite.

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The Ninth Plane

Separated from the other seven planes during the Gate Wars. The Sekkai Gate connected to Midgard was destroyed, and the magic used to activate the Earth Gate was either absorbed or dissipated. Theoretically, a strong enough Time or Space mage could reopen the gate by channeling their magic into the Fulcrums etched on the inside of the arch, but the amount of power needed would be nearly impossible to find in one person. Multiple Time/Space mages have attempted to combine their powers, but the magic is incompatible as the mage signatures fall on different wavelengths. Midgard has one natural satellite.

Lost Locations


Unknown Location or World

An old Earthen myth, many believe Shangri-La to exist as or on an actual plane outside of the Known. This mythical Plane's greatest proponents typically site Atlantis, which is now known to have been relocated to Kosmos during the Great Surge of 917 BC, as an argument for Shangri-La's historical existence. Some scholars believe Surge Walkers came from Shangri-La to Earth, a known Gate World, while others believe it possible that Shangri-La was originally a city or country on Earth that was later assimilated by another Plane via Surge.


Unknown Location or World

A continent traceable to both Kosmos and Earth (including Terra by default as it is an alternate Earth) via surge assimilation, Atlantis originally was a part of Kosmos before being picked up in a surge. It is unknown at what time Atlantis was assimilated into Earth's spacetime, but its second surge-transition from Earth to its new location is well documented by ancient Earthan scholar Plato, though its new spacetime is yet unknown.

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