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So this was the first outfit I posted to Instagram. It’s a very classic and surprisingly easy look to get. Black looks good on most anyone, and a-line dresses are flattering for every shape. That makes this outfit easy to put together, even if you don’t have the exact same pieces.

you can get a similar look with a black t-shirt tucked into a black, a-line skirt. Wearing a wide belt, especially one with a buckle, helps create the illusion of wearing a dress rather than a skirt. Black belts are best as they pull you in at the smallest point of your waist, which gives you a beautiful silhouette.

in this case, I’m wearing an actual dress, but I’ve done the skirt and shirt trick with other outfits—it works especially well with colorful patterned shirts if you wear the skirt as an empire waist—but this dress is one of my favorites. The dress is by Calvin Klein, and I got it new from Dressbarn at $50. That’s a bit steep for most people (it was for me too, but I loved the shape it gave me and was worried it would be out of stock by the time it went on sale), but luckily, you can now find it online for an average of $15, though there’s no guarantee on size.

Because I prefer not to show off my shoulders and arms, I layered the dress over a black t-shirt that I got on sale for $3 from Walmart. The hat is a rare Burlington find at $12, and my shoes were $15 on sale from DSW. The splash of color is a fantastic addition to any monochrome outfit, though the color itself can vary. I’ve worn this same outfit with a yellow purse too, but I really love the way red pops.

Pearls are always classic and classy. In my case, the necklace is made of real saltwater pearls; my dad bought it for me in Kuwait on his way home from his tour in Iraq. That said, freshwater, synthetic, and even plastic pearls work just as well, but my advice is to get a necklace that has knots tied between the beads because that makes it look more real.

This post is super long, so I’ll end it here, but if you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to respond 😊

Live confident!


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