Stories planned to have Four or More books in the series.

Aria Copper

Rift Chronicles

Who hasn't dreamed of finding a portal to another world hiding behind the crimson door in their overstuffed attic?

The Nevarian Chronicles

Rift Chronicles

In a land where every child's vocation is chosen before they are born, three deviant youth set out to change their prescribed fates, even if it means leaving everything they know and love behind.


Rift Chronicles

Kyte is the first son of a Seventh Son, and he lives in fear of his mother giving birth to his sixth brother.

Rift Chronicles

Eight years ago, the zombies came and the world ended. Now, driven by the need to find her lost husband, River Kingston is drawn in by Mycroft, the invisible puppet master behind New Texas, who promises her answers in exchange for favors. But as the world continues to warp and change around her, River becomes more and more wrapped up in the secrets and lies of post-apocalyptic politics that will ultimately determine the difference between the life and deaths of the people she promised to protect. Because even with humanity dangling by a thread, people still like to have power. And they still like to abuse it.


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