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The Book of Ages

Rift Chronicles

Three unrelated lives clash when Time and Space collide. Ripped from their homes and families, Alexandra King and Kasandra Kalani find themselves stranded on Kosmos, a strange planet that boasts five moons, mystical powers, and vicious monsters. With no other options, the two join forces with King Damian Saidonas of Astir - thought to be dead by the order of his vindictive older brother - who must regain his throne after a five-year absence he never served.

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Book One

After having his fortune read by the High Oracle, Prince Damian Saidonas meets Kasandra Kalani - a high school girl from Honolulu, Hawaii that only he can see.

A natural-born Seer, Kasi informs Damian of the impending invasion of his kingdom by an unknown enemy. Unfortunately, Kasi pops in and out at random and never in chronological order.

While doing his best to protect his kingdom with disjointed information, Damian can't help but feel drawn to this strange girl who holds the key to his country's future.


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Book Two

This book is in progress. Summary will be made available upon completion.



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Book Three

This book is being outlined. Summary will be made available upon completion.

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Kasandra Kalani

Earth Age: 15 (almost 16)
Kosmos Age: 13 (almost 14)
Height: 5'7"
Hobby: Tennis
Magic Type: Time

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