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Often prequel or Interim stories within the Rift Chronicles Universe.

Child of Cyn

Rift Chronicles

Devvon Avonis has been on the run for as long as he can remember, with his sister Cyn as his only companion. But things have changed in recent months: Cyn found herself a beau, had a kid, and they finally stopped running. But Devvon soon learns that the past they're running from has nothing on the present they've found.

Last Tuesday

Rift Chronicles

 The world ends on a Tuesday, but who wasn't expecting that?


Rift Chronicles

On her way home from work, Domino stops by the local Pandora store and searches for a charm for her bracelet to remind herself of the man she just killed.


Rift Chronicles

An hour after her date failed to show up, Kora finally admits she's been stood up. But when a handsome stranger slides into the chair opposite her, pretending to be her missing date, she finds herself drawn into a world of mystery and adventure she'd never dreamed was possible - quite a feat considering she's part mermaid.

Rift Walker

Rift Chronicles

She's lived over a thousand lifetimes collecting and recording prophecies for her Master, but after a millennium of subservience, she is finally able to take her lives into her own hands.

Destiny's Cove

Rift Chronicles

New in town, Sorrel Quinn makes a name for herself by never backing down from a dare. So when she's challenged to rappel down into an off-limits cove to take a picture of the ghost ship that supposedly appears once a month during the full moon, Sorrel doesn't think twice about accepting. But then, she never expected to actually find a haunted ship. Or the ghost-boy living there.


Rift Chronicles

Damian Saidonas is a boy about to become King. Kasandra Kalani is a girl who dreams beyond spaces. After Kasi's dreamwalks into Damian's world, the two find themselves tangled up in a chaotic time-web as they struggle to thwart a disaster Kasi has already experienced.


Rift Chronicles

Five years ago, Damian was murdered. Now almost thirteen, Mei Saidonas must prepare to come of age amidst the blood-stained court overseen by her brother's killers where allies are invisible and enemies abound.

Novellas: Products


Rift Chronicles

Seven years ago, Alexandra King came back from the dead with a friend, and he's been annoying her ever since. But when she meets seven-year-old Kanae Tsukishima, who can see things beyond the physical,  Alexa realizes she may not be as crazy as she thought.

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