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Every story begins with a single idea. Whether that idea goes anywhere is up to your readers, but whether it's good or bad is up to you.


Short Stories and Novellas

Less than 80,000 Words

*The Seventh Son



*Rift Walker

*Last Tuesday


*Destiny's Cove


*The Long Night

*Stone Cold

*Child of Sin

As The World Falls

Not Prey

Stand Alone Novels

80,000-200,000 words

*Heir to the Kingdom

*The Book of Ages

Second Sight


The Broken Mirror

Grow Where You're Planted


Two Full-Length Novels

*Mystic and Shade
*Chaos Wars
*The Dark World


Three Full Length Novels

Safe Zone

*Gate Wars 

*Dragon Sage 

Guardian Angel

*The World Over

*Heros Heartman

KIA: Kids In Action


Four or More full length novels

*Lost Utopia
Taylor Parks
*Aria Copper
*The Nevarian Chronicles

The Rift Chronicles

Stories of different lengths from the same universe

The Rift Chronicles encompasses eight different worlds which are explored to varying degrees in all of my writings. While many different stories make up the Rift Universe, they are all leading up to the Techno-Fantasy Climax: Balance. However, the road is a long one spanning forward and backward in time in a way that is rarely ever linear.
Books and stories in the Rift Chronicles Universe can be identified by the asterisk placed in front of them.