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Stone World Saga

Rift Chronicles

In a world ravaged by the apocalypse, one family's bond will make all the difference.

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Book One

Eight years ago, the world ended. Now, the last government stronghold has sent a military recon-team from Camp David to the bombed-out city of Seattle, but the mission turns deadly when a hoard of zombies is released onto the streets. Oliver Marcus and Trisha Pike, the only survivors of their nine-man team, are rescued by a group of scavengers lead by their superhuman leader, River Kingston.

Driven by the need to find her lost husband, River is drawn in by Mycroft, the invisible puppet master behind New Texas, who promises her answers in exchange for favors. But as the world continues to warp and change around her, River becomes more and more wrapped up in the secrets and lies of post-apocalyptic politics that will ultimately determine the difference between the life and deaths of the people she promised to protect.

Because even with humanity dangling by a thread, people still like to have power. And they still like to abuse it.

Book Two

After his brother's wedding is crashed by an injured unknown, Zac Stone is sent south to investigate the man's possible origins. There, he finds Laie Village decimated.  Unfortunately, the creatures responsible aren't the same as the ones the Hunters are used to dealing with. It seems someone has been training them, rendering most, if not all, of the Hunters' primary defensive tactics useless.  


Zac realizes the danger runs much deeper than the Ua Hala—a clan of nomads bent on control of the island. There are greater masterminds behind these sudden changes, and they do not have the island’s best interest in mind. 


With no other choice, the Sone family and their allies set out across the island to spread the word and discover who is pulling the strings behind the scenes.


Book Three

River issues a 24 hour evacuation notice for Athens, but Emmett Brown is 12 hours away at the Long Lake Camp when the text comes in. While preparing for the long ride home, Emmett is interrupted by the arrival of his old mentor, One—a New Texas Knight and former Navy SEAL. But with the Knights implicated in River’s disappearance, Emmett has to determine whether One Is an old friend or a new enemy. 


In New Texas, River’s MIA status threatens international stability, and New Texas Secretary of State Aiden Stone joins the military unit dispatched to the old McChord AFB in Tacoma, WA. While there, he reveals a shocking discovery: River Kingston might actually be Eryn Stone, Aidan’s younger sister, who went missing after the Camp Winslow massacre five years ago.


Unfortunately, River’s village isn’t the only settlement remaining in the Seattle-Tacoma area; Whidbey Island is still around, and they don’t take kindly to trespassers.

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Book Four

River is gone and Athens abandoned. With nowhere else to go, the Tartans evacuate both their citizens and the Hawaiian refugees to Galveston, the capital city of New Texas. Surrounded by pre-wave technology, Felicity has never been more uncomfortable while Winter thrives in her position as Assistant Director of the New Anaphedarin project.

Unfortunately, the shift in Tartan dynamics has caused some friction between the years-long group of friends. But as uncomfortable as the Athenians are, the Hawaiians are having an even harder time adjusting; particularly Zac, whose main talents have become so unnecessary as to appear superfluous.

To make things worse, Oliver is unsure of where his loyalties lie, but he's beginning to think he made a big mistake throwing in with River and her Tartans; a thought process that is only exacerbated when he begins taking care of Seven's pregnant widow, Sierra Knowles.​​​​​​​​




River Kingston: By Rinmaru

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