Books that build on themselves and typically follow a three-act structure as a whole.

Rift Chronicles

Sixteen-year-old Kyo Young, heir to Xiang Matsori, has just received his First Class license; authorizing him as a legitimate defender of his father's position as City Lord. But as if fighting off daily challengers isn't enough on his plate already, he also has to choose a wife from the four potential brides his mother brought to live in their home for the next year; one who is crazy, one who dresses like a boy, one who's more than willing to kill her competition, and the last who openly hates him. Let the games begin.

Dragon Sage

Rift Chronicles

Devvon de Avonis threw away his name the day his sister was murdered. Now, known only as Sin, he travels the world in search of his sister's lover and murderer, Ewan, a Fairy Doll who eats the magic gems harvested from the hearts of magical creatures. Or people. Knowing his nephew Terran is in Ewan's custody, Devvon must find the murderer and rescue his nephew before the Doll grows too magic starved to stave off his need for Terran's magical heart.

Heros Hartman

Rift Chronicles

Three years after the Great War, two monolithic arches erupted from the ocean on opposite sides of the world and nothing would ever be the same. Twenty years later, Hero has his heart set on flying in the Grand Vision, a cross-world air race offering fame and riches to the winner. But his hopes come to a screeching halt when Hero learns that some things in history can't be changed, no matter how different the world may be.

Rift Chronicles
Book One: Second Draft
Book Two: Outlining

On an island city off the coast of northern Virginia, Angela Farr, a seventeen-year-old martial artist, stumbles her way into heroism while trying to overcome the trauma of her past. But when Trevor Pratt, Angela's childhood friend-turned-nemesis, returns on the anniversary of her stepfather's murder, he brings with him old memories and new fears that Angela needs to conquer if she wants any hope of saving her city and the people who call her their hero.

KIA: Kids in Action

Book One: Outlined
Book Two: Outlining

Brash, straight-forward, and subtle as a bull in a china shop, Jace Bowman has always had a hard time making friends; it's not her fault that the world can't handle confident girls. Fortunately, life and death situations have a way of forming bonds between even the most unlikely of fellows. Even if Jace is the one that got them into trouble in the first place.

Rift Chronicles
Book One: First Draft
Book Two: First Draft
Book Three: Outlining

Every story has a beginning; even the ones that were never supposed to exist.


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