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Pretty(ish) in Pink

In case you haven't noticed already, I kind of have a thing for pink. Sadly, there are very few shades of pink that I can wear without being completely washed out or looking sallow (I have the same problem with yellows). However! By wearing pink jeans instead of a pink shirt, I can trick your eyes into thinking I actually look good in pink because there is no bare skin to which to compare! Ha ha!


Speaking of colored jeans (or jeggings, as the case may be), I have gotten to the point where I have jeans in pretty much every color. I have pink jeans (duh), orange ones, olive ones, blue ones, red ones, purple ones, etc. Colored jeans are a really fun way to change up an otherwise ordinary outfit, and they have this fantastic ability to bring latent colors out of your favorite patterned shirt. I'm sure I'll end up experimenting with that at a later date. I already have some Plans :)

About the look

I have a bit of subtle layering here because the tunic-length shirt I have on is sleeveless. To cover my shoulders, I added a white v-neck t-shirt underneath, and with the blingy vest on top, you can't even tell that I added sleeves. The layering also gave me the benefit of not walking around with the outline of my bra available for all and sundry to see. The tunic I got for free from my mom, who didn't like that it was sleeveless (even though she bought it that way on purpose), and the undershirt was $3 on sale at Walmart during the season change from summer to winter.

The jeans are also from Walmart, but I bought them at full price because I was terrified the pink would be gone by the time the seasons changed, and that would have been tragic. However, since full price was only $13, I don't think it's too terrible a sacrifice.

My jean shoes are, again, from Walmart (this whole outfit is pretty Walmart-chic, actually) and I bought them on sale for $5 because they were $5 and I figured I would find something to wear with them. Fun fact, I've had these shoes for about 5 years now and I've only worn them a handful of times. Still, they looked super cute with this outfit, so I guess I can say the $5 was worth it.

Moving away from Walmart, we have my purse (which totally matches the jeans much better IRL; the camera exaggerated the differences in colors to opposite degrees, which is a bit unfortunate). I got it from Khol's during their 60% off sale with an additional 25% off coupon for returning some Amazon purchase or another (sometimes it feels like I buy things on Amazon just so I can return them at Khol's and get the coupon...). With all the savings together, it ended up being a $15 purse, which isn't too bad except the shoulder strap can't be removed. Although, I'm pretty sure I did remove the strap with a seam ripper with the intention of adding clips. If that is the case, I haven't yet gotten around to doing so.

The denim vest is my "work uniform" for Moms for America. It's got the pretty white bling in the front and the Moms for America logo in pink and blue bling on the back. It's pretty cool, very adorable, and retails at a whopping $90. Fortunately, nepotism wins out and I got mine for free.

As for my jewelry, it seems only natural that I went with cherry blossoms. This whole outfit feels a bit like an ode to them...

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