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Contrasting Colors

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Not every color or shade is perfect for everyone. If you haven’t gotten your season done, but you’re definitely interested in dressing for your body, I would suggest you do so. Makeup places like Sephora or Ulta will help you find your skintone, which will help you determine your season(s). I’m a light-summer/soft-autumn, which means I do well with jewel and earth toned colors. Jewel tones include blue-reds, blue-purples, blue-greens; basically, if it’s a bright colored jewel, I can wear that color. Earth tones are as advertise; think of a country lane at the height of autumn, and you pretty much have your colors.

That said, all of my clothes fall into these color schemes, but that doesn’t mean yours either will or need to. Find what works for you, and then work it 😉

Once you have your colors, you can play with shades. Some colors that you think could never go together will often surprise you when paired because even though they contrast, if they’re on the same spectrum, they might still go together.

The orange and red I’m wearing here fall into that category. It also helps that the shirt I’m wearing (which you probably can’t see in the picture) has the same red as my shoes mixed in with the orange. Not only does that give the shirt depth and the image of texture, it also lets me get away with both bright red shoes and a bright orange purse.

(Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am in no way a fashion professional and therefore all of my opinions are exactly that; opinions. Just because I wear something doesn’t mean everyone will like it or, if given the chance, would wear it the same way.)

My shirt, I’m pretty sure, came from Ross, and I doubt it cost more that $10. The purse is Dana Buchman, and I got it 60% off, with another 20% on top of that because I had a coupon, from Kohl’s, so it came out to about $30, possibly less. The shoes are GBG Los Angeles from Burlington, $18, and both the white undershirt and khaki jeggings are from Walmart, $3 and $12, respectively.

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