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Summer Colors and the Golden Ratio

Pastels are really good for summer. Not only are they bright and cheery, but they also help keep you cool. My favorite summer (and spring) color is pink. It was very hard to find a pink that looked good on me because I have a lot of pink in my face despite my golden undertone.

White is also a spring/summer staple, though I have never let myself be told when I can wear white! Besides, if you think about it, every day that isn't Labor Day is technically after Labor Day ;)

Tunics are another big summer staple for me (though, again, I wear them all the time). I like to pretend it's because I know something about math and the elusive "Golden Ratio," but it really just comes down to me being fluffier around the middle than I like to show off. A-line tunics go a long way to giving me a feminine shape without needing to sacrifice self-confidence for fashion (if you're wondering about that reference, see my previous post).

About the Look

Long sleeves in summer is often seen as jumping on the crazy train, but this particular shirt is very lightweight cotton that breathes like a dream. That gives me a fantastic amount of sun protection without needing to slather myself with sun lotion. I got it full price from Dressbarn several years ago, but full price was only $25.

The pink jeggings are Walmart chic at $12 and the white tunic (which is sleeveless, if you're wondering) was a gift from my mom. Yay free stuff!

My shoes are actual Converse, and my very first pair. I'm honestly surprised at how comfortable they are, and I love the pink and purple galaxy print on them. Originally $90, I got them on sale at Kohl's for $30 plus a $5-off coupon for returning an Amazon purchase :P

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